Lab Directors

Joseph A. Vandello (he/him)
Jennifer Bosson (she/her)

Current Graduate Students

Jeongin Hong
RJ Kubicki
Roxanne Felig
Mariah Wilkerson
Becky Upton
Greg Rousis
Roger Young

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Yaritza Carmona

Kelly Lane

Minh Tran

Lab Alumni

Rochelle Burnaford, Diablo Valley College

Andrew Caswell, Gannon University

Nadav Goldschmied, University of San Diego

Vanessa Hettinger, University of Wisconsin, Superior

Jessica Jordan, University of Tampa

Elizabeth Kiebel, Triad Behavioral Health

Sophie Kuchynka, Rutgers University, Newark

Kenneth Michniewicz, Muhlenberg College

Curtis Puryear, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Beril Türkoğlu, Middle East Technical University

Jonathan Weaver, Michigan State University

Lab Mascots

 Zorro Rigoberto Bosson-Davisson

My name is Zorro, and I’m a catahoula mix. I’m pretty alpha, which means I always like to be in charge. My hobbies include napping, going on walks, supervising stuff, and bossing folks around

Murray Jordan

Hi, I’m Murray!  I am the opposite of alpha, which means I would let Zorro boss me around and just be happy I made a friend.  My favorite activity is finding sticks to carry on walks and then trying to sneak them into the house so I can snack on them later.  If you meet me, please pet me.

Skateboard Carmona 

Hi guys, my name is Skateboard (Sk8 for short). I’m an extremely lovable pit bull mix who enjoys being bribed with spoonfuls of peanut butter, going for long walks, sticking my head out of the car window, and napping for a majority of the day. Belly rubs are always appreciated but not expected.